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The Guys

This is the true story of the Three Thieves: the Master (Joel Gott), the Hustler (Charles Bieler), and the Dreamer (Roger Scommegna) - three rogue wine lovers whose 20-year kinship was sparked by a shared desire to make uncommon wine to be shared by all. The trio’s first wine—a convention-shattering Zinfandel in a retro glass jug with a screw cap—was bottled in 2001. Seemingly overnight, a cult following was born. Since then, the guys have collaborated on projects they are passionate about, bringing quality fruit, unmatched energy and a sense of soul to every bottle of wine they craft.

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The Wines

Bandit Wines Bottle


These guys love to explore. So they dreamed up an eco-smart box wine to tote on adventures big and small. They also commissioned custom illustrations on every box of Bandit to capture the breathtaking beauty of America’s most-visited national parks.

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Three Thieves

The best part about these acclaimed “best buy” wines from the California Republic is their unpretentious accessibility. They embody the trio’s long-held philosophy that great wine isn’t a privilege reserved for the few; it’s a pleasure that belongs to all.

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Three Thieves Wines Bottle
The SHOW Wines Bottle


A shared passion for the awe-inspiring beauty of the world’s most dramatic landscapes brought the guys from the rolling hills of California to the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Argentina to create the multi-dimensional wines of The SHOW.

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Newman's Own

These guys care a lot about their impact on the world. They’re proud to craft quality wines that give back in a big way. 100% of the profits are donated to charities all over the world, helping those who need it most. That’s worth raising a glass.

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Newman's Own Wine Bottle
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