The Three Thieves began their wine crime spree in 2001, finding killer wines they could sell at absurdly low prices.  For their first release they audaciously snubbed wine tradition, bottling a Zinfandel in a retro glass jug with a screw top.  It proved to be a huge hit, followed by bestselling jugs of Cabernet and Chardonnay.

They pushed the boundaries again with Tetra Pak Bandits, high-quality wine packaged in lightweight, eco-friendly, re-sealable boxes.   Their next innovation was The Show, a rich Cabernet blended with Petite Syrah.  The Thieves went on to establish a successful partnership with Paul Newman, introducing a line of wines under his popular Newman’s Own brand.  On Three Thieves, each brings his own unique personality and perspective on a global hunt for the next great wine finds. | | | Terms | Privacy | Contact | Facebook | Twitter
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